We are Marketing Consultancy and Agency that will make a difference to your business!

Looking for help and then finding us means that you've already taken the first steps to make a great difference to the results of your sales and marketing effort!!!

What next? Well you can either contact us to arrange an informal chat or ... you can read on ...

A marketing consultancy and agency with a difference

We are a marketing consultancy and agency with a huge difference in our approach - as we provide a range of marketing services from marketing consultancy through to full marketing delivery using a variety of schemes ... schemes that work and that are right for you! 

The "marketing-sphere" is important to us all as it changes so rapidly due to internet, social media and how people have evolved, interact and purchase. But we've made it our business to stay ahead - and in turn help our customers become more successful. 

We don't want to throw everything at you and overcomplicate it too much - but in a nutshell -  we can work with you to fill a skills gap as part of your team, or deliver a one off project or on a support basis via our membership schemes - all very effective services that will generate great results!!

The benefit of working with us? We are a forward thinking - results driven marketing services provider whether it is to grow in sales, become more profitable or to change behaviour. 

So what exactly do we offer in terms of "marketing services"?

Strategy and planning (the marketing consultancy bit):

Full delivery (the tactical marketing service bit):

It's all about the choice in how you need the help delivered!

What makes Marketing Wand different to the hundreds of other marketing consultants, design/web agencies and PR/advertising agencies?

We provide a service type of your choice that can fit within your needs and objectives! Every business is different in terms of setup, their products, resource available to them and their own understanding and approach to sales and marketing.

This is why we offer a range of packages to meet the needs of each customer.

From fully delivering a range of the marketing services as part of your team through to our membership schemes which provide access to on-going marketing help, advice and access to our Marketing Wand tool-kits.

Our marketing helpers (AKA marketing consultants)

Our team of "hands on" chartered marketers  (meet our team) have worked across a range of organisations - from start ups to national brands - as their sales and/or marketing managers.

"Professional", "approachable" and "effective" are just some of the words that our customers have used to describe us.

We are a marketing consultancy and agency that has extensive knowledge, expertise and the resource to advise, design and go onto fully deliver sales and marketing plans for businesses that result in our customers experiencing an increase of sales, customer retention and brand awareness.

We also work with companies across the UK aswell as across the North East of England.

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